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The Grand Rapids Public Museum's Mission Statement

We exist to be a living monument of artifacts, ideas and stories told through exhibitions, events and educational programming designed to inspire, motivate and celebrate our human bond. We enrich the life of our community through experiences of the wider world in a uniquely Grand Rapids context.

The Grand Rapids Public Museum manages a series of sites, the main facility being the Van Andel Museum Center in downtown Grand Rapids. The museum is a 501 (c) (3), not-for-profit organization that relies on admission fees, donations, fundraising efforts, membership fees and grants to operate.

Key Staff Contacts

Grand Rapids Public Museum Foundation Board of Trustees

  • Jim Williams, Chair
  • Carol Van Andel, Vice-Chair
  • Rich Noreen, Secretary and Treasurer
  • Dale A. Robertson
  • Mike Batts
  • John Canepa
  • John Dean
  • Gilda Gely
  • Birgit M. Klohs
  • Steele A. Taylor*
  • Larry Titley
  • Mike Van Gessel
  • Dan Gaydou
  • Nicole Laughlin
  • Allan Smith
  • David Rosen
  • Thomas R. Dilley
  • Sam Ojo
  • Lupe Ramos Montigny
  • Marlin Feyen
  • Maggie Lancaster
  • Kaplin Jones, Counsel

Grand Rapids Public Museum Board of Directors

  • Mike Batts, Chair
  • John Dean, Vice Chair
  • Rich Noreen, Treasurer/Secretary
  • Jim Williams
  • Allan Smith
  • David Rosen


*Honorary Member

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The Grand Rapids Public Museum is supported by the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs.