Mighty Wurlitzer Theater Organ Programs 2012-2013

Originally crafted as a "one man orchestra" to accompany silent movies, the Museum's magnificent Mighty Wurlitzer Theater Organ lures guest musicians from around the globe to play for you in our annual concert series.

Steve Schlesing
March 15 | 7 pm
March 16 | 2 pm

Bill Tandy
April 12 | 7 pm
April 13 | 2 pm

Joel Gary
May 17 | 7 pm
May 18 | 2 pm

Individual concert tickets are $8 Members/$10 Non-Members/$5 Children.  Tickets are $8 each in blocks of 10 or more.

Call the Museum at 616.456.3977 to purchase tickets or visit this page. (Please note that members cannot purchase tickets online.  Members please call 616.456.3977 or visit the Museum's front desk.)